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Telephonic Interpretation

We, at the eKathmandu Translation Services also provide Telephone Interpretation service at a surprisingly reasonable rate, efficiently and professionally.

Whether you are an English speaker and you have a need to communicate with a LEP Nepali person , or you are a Nepali speaker, and you have a  need to communicate with an English speaker, we can help you to facilitate your conversation smoothly over the phone.


Process of using our Telephonic Interpreter:

  • Call us at 1 650 302 3054

  • Secure an interpreter

  • Provide your payment information like your information and credit card/debit info to register, if you have not already done so.

  • Provide your client information like phone number to call your client, name, and detail message if the your client does not pick up our call.

  • The interpreter will dial your client and will inform your client about you

  • The interpreter will join your client at this time, and will inform you the "Start time". You only pay for the actual interpretation.

  • You can start conveying your message in your own language with pauses in between.

  • The Interpreter will interpret your message to your client in the language that your client best understands .

  • At the end of conversation, Interpreter will inform you "End time"

  • Your account will be charged within few moments.

  • You can also use your own phone system to conference your client with the Interpreter.

  • A PayPal payment is required immediately after the invoice is sent.

  • No minimum fee.

For future calls,

  • At least 24 hour advance booking is required.

  • $15.00  booking fee is required with PayPal at the time of booking.

  • If the appointment is scheduled ahead and cancelled without a mandatory minimum of 2 hour advance notice, that booking fee will be confiscated.

  • If the call lasted less than 12 minutes, the difference will be refunded within 24 hour.

  • We will not be able to guarantee for the availability for the call, if the client does not call within 15 minutes of the appointment time.


Our exclusive rate for Telephone Interpretation: $1.75 per minutes.


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