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Here, at the eKathmandu Translation Services, we are very straight forward when it comes down to the types of services we offer. We do not offer translation for any languages other than the pair of  Nepali  and English.  We are strictly specialized in this pair. Our in house translators and proofreaders are Nepal born US Citizens, and Nepali is their primary language. They are highly educated in the US Universities and in the Universities and in the Schools of Nepal.


Furthermore, our translators do not believe in machine translation, we believe that a machine can not convey the true message to the target reader correctly, and  please do believe that  translating a document is not mere typing in different script. 

Here, at eKathmandu Translation Services, we also offer Telephonic Interpretation. Our interpreters are highly qualified native Nepali speakers who have lived in the US for more than half of their lives, and are educated in the US Universities and fluent in English. They also have been trained and have worked as an Interpreter professionally for many years. They are very experienced in Medical, Financial and in Legal interpretation. And the good news for you is that since we do not have so much overhead expenses and any greedy CEOs, we won't charge you anything extra, you will only pay a reasonable price per minute, most of which goes to our interpreters.

So again, welcome to eKathmandu Translation Services for an unique and enchanting experiences.  

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